4th September 2016

Breakfast & After School Clubs


Breakfast Club, Afterschool Club and Holiday Club are all available to children attending Fairfield Infant School and Bosmere Junior School. We can also care for children on Inset Days and on part-attendance days. All services can be booked on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

Our Breakfast Club opens at 7.45am every day. Children are entered on to the register on arrival, and take their bags and coats to a designated storage area. Breakfast is served between 7.45am and 8.25am and includes a choice of healthy cereals, toast, and milk to drink (or water if preferred). The children eat breakfast together, and after breakfast they can choose an activity or play outside (weather permitting) until it is time to be escorted to school on foot by staff members.

Children are met outside their classrooms (Fairfield Infant School) or at a designated meeting point (Bosmere Junior School) by staff members, who will check children’s names against the daily collection list. It is very important that parents inform the Glenhurst Office if their child is absent from school on any day. Our staff will do their utmost to ensure that the children have got their bags, coats and other items with them. Children are escorted to Glenhurst on foot, and on arrival their names are entered onto the register.

Children can choose from a variety of indoor or outdoor games and activities. There are climbing and balancing activities, skipping, hopscotch, ball games and other games. There are two classrooms set aside for the After School Club, which have a range of puzzles, board games, construction kits, bricks, dolls and cars. The library is also available to the After School Club, and is well stocked with both fiction and non-fiction, suitable for all ages. There is a piano in the library on which children can practice if they wish.

Tea takes place from 4.30pm to 5.00pm. The children eat together in the dining room. Glenhurst staff ensure that children wash their hands before tea and encourage good table manners. A light tea is freshly prepared on the premises by one of the Glenhurst team, such as beans on toast, pizza, sandwiches, fruit and cake. Water, fruit squash or milk is given to drink. There is always a vegetarian choice and we are happy to cater for all restricted diets. We welcome fresh ideas from parents at any time, and we encourage all children to try a wide variety of foods. On occasions, staff may organise cookery sessions, where the children prepare and cook their own tea under supervision. In the summer months the children can eat outside on the lawn or at the picnic table. After tea children can borrow a book to read, choose an activity such as arts and crafts or join in a game organised by one of our staff. The latest collection time is 6.00pm.

Glenhurst is open for 50 weeks a year from 7.45am to 6.00pm, and Holiday Club can be booked in advance (or on the day inself, spaces permitting). Whole days, part days or even just a couple of hours can be booked. All meals, drinks and snacks are included during Holiday Club.

Your child should wear suitable play clothes, and bring a waterproof coat and wellies when necessary. In warm weather your child will need sunlotion and a sunhat. Our staff are able to apply more sunlotion to your child when necessary, or they will supervise your child in doing this themselves. In very hot weather, please provide your child with a change of clothes or swim wear for water play with hoses, and a small towel. Please be assured that water play will always be closely supervised.

Your child is on holiday, so holiday care will reflect this in providing a happy, relaxed experience for your child, in safe surroundings. Weeks may have a distinct theme such as Dinosaurs, Pirates, The Jungle or Under the Sea, with related activities such as games, model or mask making, arts and crafts and music. There will also be plenty of opportunities for physical activities including obstacle courses, Mini Olympics and team games.

There will be opportunities for extended play, such as creating dens, castles or Teddy bears picnics, with the support of our Practitioners. There will also be space for children who would like to rest with a book, or would prefer to play a board game or relax at the end of the day.

Our aim is for your child to have a happy time, in as near to home surroundings as possible. Practitioners will always be there to help with activities, and organise games or music sessions at certain times. Children will have free choice over participation, and plenty of time to enjoy uninterrupted play. This means that activities which capture their imagination, such as the creating of a den or role play area can be extended with props, scenery and costumes, and willing adults on hand to offer ideas if necessary.