4th September 2016

About Us


The interior of both the main building and the purpose-built Nursery building are light, colourful and spacious. Outside we have a large secure playground and beautiful walled garden with play areas for differing activities and ages, including a sandpit, outside bikes, trikes and other toys, a play house, a boat and an adventure playground on the lawn.

The Nursery is based in the purpose-built Nursery building, which is light and colourful and which also benefits from a large covered veranda, enabling children to play and learn outside even in wet weather. Inside you will find children’s toilets and a cloakroom, a baby changing room, a sleep room and a spacious, open-plan room with under-floor heating.

The layout provides the children with supervised, regular access to the playground and garden both for free play and for learning.

Glenhurst operates a “free flow” play system which means that children move from a soft play, book and rest area to other areas to participate in cookery, arts and crafts, water, sand and messy play, and to the garden and playground for physical play and games, supervised and led by qualified staff at all times.

Activities are planned to develop babies and toddlers’ exploration and self-confidence, and include music with instruments, messy play, arts and crafts and simple cookery. The staff ratio in the Nursery is 1:3 for children up to the age of 2, and 1:4 for children aged 2 to 3 years.

The Rising 3 and Pre-School classes are based in the main building. Children with Autumn birthdays may spend a year in the Rising 3 Class before moving to the Pre-School Class for their final year at Glenhurst, whereas a child who turns 3 in the summer months will move straight from Nursery to the Pre-School Class. There are several rooms available for the Rising 3’s and Pre-Schoolers including a role-play room, an art room, a library, two upstairs rooms and a dining room, in addition to the outside facilities. The staff ratio in the Rising 3 class is 1:4 until the age of 3, and then 1: 8 from the age of 3. The staff ratio in the Pre-School is 1:8.

There are also children’s toilets and cloakrooms both upstairs and downstairs in the main building. The office and the kitchen are also in the main building. All meals and snacks are cooked and prepared on site in the kitchen using healthy ingredients.

Outdoor play for all age groups is well provided for, with a range of cars, scooters, tricycles and balance bikes, sand and water play and outdoor provision boxes for all areas of the curriculum.